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Read what parentsand children have to say about us:


"Colerne Old School Playgroup is a warm, spacious exciting place. The Staff are very friendly and they make the children feel so welcome that my son can’t wait to go. Great surroundings and facilities make this a fantastic place for a child’s first learning experiences."

Steve Bell



"Colerne Old school playgroup is a perfect stepping stone for children to go on to starting school. My daughters have thrived in its up to date and wonderfully supportive environment." 

Mandy Blunsdon


"It's such a warm, friendly and happy place where I know my children are being well cared for while developing their confidence and learning new skills every day. We are delighted with our child's progress. The staff are dedicated and establish clear boundaries in a caring, beautiful and fun setting. The children play and learn happily, forming lovely friendships and confident social skills. Playgroup is at the heart of the local community. The strong links with the village and our primary school mean a lot. We know that Keir will leave Playgroup with an excellent foundation both for moving up to primary school and for the rest of his life...."

Paula Willcox


Keir says: "I love EVERYTHING about playgroup - especially the marbles!!"


"Old School Playgroup has provided such a positive start for my boys. They have developed all the skills they need to prepare for full time school. The care and attention of the Green Ladies is excellent, allowing each child to reach their potential. They have enjoyed every minute of their time there!"
Joanna McNiff




Colerne Old School Playgroup, Vicarage Lane, Colerne, SN14 8EL

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