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Rising 5s

During your child’s time at our setting we place a big emphasis on their personal, social and emotional development to enable them to become confident learners and to make friends and relationships. We continuously encourage them to be independent, helpful, well behaved, curious and confident.



While this is an ongoing process for all our children of all ages, we feel it is important for the R5s to focus on a few key areas to help them make the transition to ‘Big School’ as smoothly as possible. Sometimes we may split the group from the younger children so that we can challenge the R5s a little more, but the emphasis will always be on having fun!



During the Spring and Summer terms we will cover the following activities:-


    • asking the children to think about how they can help themselves, and their friends, with certain tasks such as putting on aprons and dressing up clothes or finding their names at snack time;
    • continuing to encourage the children to write their own names on their work and supporting those who have not mastered name writing yet with more practice;
    • activities which help them to become more confident with numbers and number problems
    • work on letter sounds and letter recognition in preparation for phonics work at school;
    • some fun and interesting ‘science’ activities where the children can learn about cause and effect and how things change;
    • some ‘PE’ activities to help the children get used to independently dressing and undressing in a limited time;
    • talking about moving to ‘Big School’ – we have some photos of the primary school which the children can look at and talk about. The reception teachers will visit to talk to the children and answer any questions. We will also visit the School to have a look around and see their new classroom.




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