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Our sessions

Since September 2015 we have not had separate sessions for our 2-3 year olds. Instead our younger children have been able to attend any of the morning or afternoon sessions, each day of the week.  We still have a high staff/child ratio and the focus is on building confidence and social skills through activities targetting speaking and listening, turntaking, sharing and cooperating.



The children are able to select from art and messy activities, role play, outside play, hands on games with sand and water, smart board activities, gardening ..... the list goes on! We feel this provides the best introduction to playgroup in a warm and nurturing environment.

Each child has their own key worker monitoring their progress and this provides an important point of contact for parents.  We undertake the 2 year old monitoring checks when the children are about 2 and a half years but this is dependent on their development and the amount of time they attend.  We will share this information with parents and discuss ways in which we can continue to help the child develop both at home and at playgroup.


We feel that mixing the older and younger children will benefit them both as they learn from each other how to be independent, to consider the needs and feelings of others and how to help other people, etc.  However, there will be times when the younger children will be separated in a designated area of their own so that they can have some quiet, calmer time and at times when the older children may need to sit for longer periods such as group discussion time.







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