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Help and Advice

Here are some of our frequently asked questions:


Potty Training

We understand that all children develop at different rates and some are ready earlier than others. If your child is not potty trained we will support you in helping your child to use the toilet by liaising with you to find out what is working best for you at home so that we can do the same and offer some consistency. However, to help us keep our costs down we would ask that you bring in a marked bag containing change of nappy/pull up/pants along with wet wipes and nappy sacks if possible.



If your child has been ill with sickness and/or diarrhoea please do not bring them into playgroup until 48 hours have elapsed since the last episode. This is so that we can try to stop the spread of infection to other children and staff. If your child has an illness such as chicken pox, hand, foot and mouth or slapped cheek please do not bring them into playgroup but seek further advice from your Health Visitor/GP. If your child shows any signs of illness please do not bring them into playgroup, but ring and speak to the Manager for further advice about exclusion periods. With all cases of illness please inform a member of staff so that we are aware of the situation and so that we can inform other parents if it is a contagious illness (we will not reveal the name of the child who is ill). If you are not sending your child into playgroup on a day when they are due to attend please inform us by phoning and leaving a message on the answer phone if out of hours (01225 744885).


Please read our common childhood illnesses document for more information.


Head Lice

We do not exclude children who have head lice. However, to try and stop the spread and re-infection of children we would ask that you treat your child with a preparation to kill the head lice before you bring your child into the playgroup. If you are unsure what to use, please contact your Health Visitor /Doctor or local chemist. It is also useful if you could tie long hair up. We will always put up a notice to let you know if we have any reported cases of head lice so that you can look out for them.

Summer Footwear During the summer we would ask that children wear shoes that have a strap around the heel so that they do not step out of them and fall when they are running around. Crocs are fine as long as they have the back strap in place.

Sunscreen We are happy to provide and supply sunscreen for children in the summer. However, if your child has sensitive skin or an allergy and you prefer to supply your own please make sure that the tube is labelled and let a member of staff know. Also if you apply sunscreen to your child before they attend a session please let a member of staff know if/when it will need reapplying.


Named Hat and Coats

Please ensure that all items bought into playgroup are named whether it is a hat, coat, wellies, scarves, gloves, or a toy for show and tell. We often find that several children will have the same coat, hat, wellies etc and it is difficult to work out which belongs to who. Similarly, sometimes a child has a particularly popular TV character on their hat which everyone likes and they all lay claim to it which can result in some very unhappy children!!


Unforeseen Circumstances/Bad Weather Closure

If we have to close the playgroup due to unforeseen circumstances or bad weather we will try to notify parents as soon as possible. We will post a notice on this website, under Notices and in the case of bad weather we will also notify the local radio station (Heart FM, Swindon) who will broadcast it at regular intervals.


Holidays and Teacher Training Days

As many of our parents and staff have children at the village primary school we also follow the holidays and Teacher Training Day closures of the school.




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